FilePizza: Share files over the Internet with strong encryption


Various peer-to-peer exchange services such as BitTorrent Sync are a great way to share large files without paying for cloud storage, but it does require you to download the software.

FilePizza, on the other hand, is a free online service that allows you to share any peer-to-peer file in your browser with your friends. To share a file simply select it, upload it, and give the link to anyone else you wish to download.

Your files are not uploaded to a server. Instead, they are uploaded directly from the browser that uploads to the browser or the downloader using WebTorrent and WebRTC. 

This requires the user to leave the browser window open until the transfer is complete. The application does not have a problem with the size of the files, so you can share very large files and in fact more than one person can download your files at a time, and during the sharing you can see how many users download them.

What happens when I close my uploaded file? The transfer is then canceled, however if even one of the users has completed the transfer, he / she will continue to distribute it to the others but it will not be possible to start new downloads. Encryption is one of the strong features of the application and covers all your activities. The way to upload and share your files is very simple.

 After connecting to the service, click on select a file and upload the file you want to share. Wait a while until the editing is complete (the time depends on the file size and the speed of your connection), however it does not take long. For a standard 8-10 mbs connection it will take about 1-2, 3 minutes for a file size of about 800 MB. Once the editing is complete you will see a link. Copy it and paste it where you want it to appear or share it with the people you want to download your file to.


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