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This is a free photo editor that includes over 50 photo effects that will add a unique style and character to each of your photos. To use photo effects online, simply select the result you like from the list. You will see the results and the transformation of your photo immediately. Many effects have separate photo frames, which undoubtedly make your photos original, vivid and elegant. However, there are times when a photo frame needs to be used separately or in combination with another result. Fotostars lets you do this quickly and easily: simply select any of the ten available frames. 

Fotostars is not just an online photo editor, but also a handy tool for creating Polaroid-style notes, demotivators and photos. In seconds, you can add any text to your photos using one of the six formatting styles available. To make your photos more unique, it offers a wide selection of additional functions for photo editing: color sorting, desaturation, image noise, side shadow, sepia transformation, etc. 

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