Sunday May 14 2023

Kdenlive : Video editor with many features and effects


Kdenlive is a free video editor based on many other open source projects, such as FFmpeg, Movit, LADSPA, etc. The software is designed to answer the most simple yet professional requirements that one can have from a program video editing.

Allows you to use and organize various audio and video tracks. Its power comes from the very powerful FFmpeg libraries it has and allows you to use almost any audio and video format directly, without the need to convert or re-encode your clip, while offering you many effects and transitions.

It includes dozens of options ranging from color correction, audio settings, and all the basic transformation options. It has a built-in title editor and tools for creating, moving, cropping and deleting video clips, sound clips, text clips and image clips with the ability to add custom effects and transitions.

Audio effects include normalization, phase and pitch shift, limiting, volume adjustment, recovery and equalization filters, and more. Visual effects include options for masking, rotations, color tools, blurring, masking, and more.

However before you start, (especially if you are a beginner) it is a good idea to take a look at manual of the program (with Greek translation).

In conclusion, this is an excellent program that will help you edit your videos, however (although it is not difficult to operate, but due to the very large number of features it includes, you may need some time to get familiar with how it works.
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