Open Live Writer: The alternative way to upload your posts to WordPress and Blogger


Open Live Writer is a powerful, lightweight blog editor that lets you create blog posts, add photos and videos, and then publish them to your site. You can also write offline blog posts and then post them on your return.

Collaborates with many popular blog service providers, such as WordPress, Blogger, and more. In essence, this is how we bypass the classic control panel of our Blog and create a second alternative way of creating our posts. We should clarify that the application does not modify or change anything in our Blog, it just offers us an alternative way to write and upload our articles.

How to use it is very simple. After downloading the application, select and connect to your blog. From there, select the title of the article and when you are done, click on the preview to see what it will look like. If all goes well and you do not have any other corrections click on the publish button to upload it.

Open Live Writer makes it easy to publish blog posts. You can edit your draft with your offline satisfaction before posting it on your blog. It also allows you to save the drawing and resume it at another time from a different location.

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