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Vivaldi Browser is a free web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a new Browser that lets you do things your own way. Do you like to place tabs at the bottom or side of the window or do you prefer a different location for the address bar? Customize your preferences whether they are keyboard shortcuts, mouse movements, appearance and more. If you do not like to do everything with the keyboard, then Vivaldi is for you. Quick commands let you browse through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings, and more with a simple keyboard shortcut. The Quick Command menu is highly customizable, allowing you to create your own commands and execute them instantly. Tired of unorganized tabs in your browser?

Let Vivaldi sort out this mess. Organize your tabs using tab stacks, this allows you to group multiple tabs into one, just drag one tab on top of another for easy grouping. Also take notes and add screenshots of web pages while browsing, save attachments and add addresses for easy organization so you can find them later.

Web tables let you view web pages as a panel in your Vivaldi sidebar. Read the news, follow the chats on social media, chat with your friends using the main browser window separately.

Vivaldi: 4.1.2369.21

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