PhotoFilmStrip : Turn your images into a Video Slideshow


PhotoFilmStrip is a free application for converting images to video. You can drag and drop the photos to change their order or rotate them with one click, add some effects and transitions, optionally add a caption and finally if you want to add your favorite mp3 to play while you enjoy your photos. To create your presentation follow these steps:
  • Select from the application menu new project or alternatively tap on the + folder to create your Slideshow.
  • Give it a name, specify where you want to save it, choose its aspect ratio, its total length and, if you wish, add the mp3 of your choice.  
  • Click now, tools- import images and add your images. Adjust the display mode or add the effects you want and finally, 
  • Press from the application menu the button tools-movie rendering and select your movie profile and the format you want, now press start and it will start converting immediately. Depending on the template, quality and format you have chosen will be the time required until the conversion is complete.

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