Tuesday 6 December 2022

Universal Media Server: Turn your PC into a Media Server


Universal Media Server is a DLNA compatible UPnP Media server that supports the main operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and enables us to turn our computer into a very powerful Media Server, in simple words it enables us to listen music to watch movies and photos from any computer, mobile phone, TV, Tablet or any other device that can access our local network. 

The biggest advantage of the application is that it doesn't need any special settings, you just run it and automatically anyone within range of your network can browse the contents of your computer. UMS is based on MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, MediaInfo and other software that combine to offer support for a wide range of different media formats.



After downloading the application install it on your computer following the wizard that will direct you and in less than a minute you will be done. Those using a wireless network make sure to select the relevant WIFI tab. 

After the installation is complete, right-click with your mouse on the application icon that you will find in the taskbar of your computer. If everything went well you should see the menu above. In the status area you can see in real time the connected devices on your server. 


To access your server now from any other computer or mobile phone within range of your local network, right-click the application icon in your computer desktop, select a web interface, view the ip and type it in your favorite browser and now browse to folders where you have saved music, photos or videos.

To add folders with music videos or photos, select sharing navigation settings and add the folders you want. From there select the song, photos or video you want to listen or watch respectively and enjoy.

 To run Universal Media Server you will need to install Java on your computer. If you encounter a problem with your network connection, add an application exclusion rule to your computer's Firewall and everything should be fine.

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