Sunday 30 August 2020

WinUSB: Make bootable USB stickers with Windows images


Create USB with images (ISO) of Windows using any ISO or DVD 7,8,1 and without formatting, in most cases! WinUSB supports both UEFI / BIOS for FAT32, NTFS, exFAT on USB flash drives. This is a surprisingly simple application that can help us make bootable USB sticks that may contain more than one Windows and Linux operating system, but may also contain many other disk images, such as antivirus that we will start on our computer or other tools to diagnose and repair your computer. 

It is a very interesting application with a wide range of possibilities. Now to use it the way is simple. Run the program and after selecting the stick on which you will write your images, select them one by one. From there, after you configure it, wait until their registration is completed. Finally, leave the stick on the USB port of your computer and restart your computer.

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