Monday 14 November 2022

ClearDiskInfo: Get information and see the health status of storage devices


Clear Disk Info is a storage device diagnostic utility. Displays some basic information about the selected drive as well as SMART information Supports hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) and also the latest NVMe SSDs.

The main reason why it was created is that most of the existing tools of this kind show the SMART features in a crude way, and to understand them we have to search the internet, after that, in most cases we are not sure if the relevant data is the raw price or current price or both or if the price is meaningful.

Often, we need to do complex arithmetic operations to calculate whether an attribute is below the threshold. This is where Clear Disk Info comes in handy, because it performs these calculations automatically for you.

It shows only the actual, or value in one column, the ideal value in the next column, and a description of that characteristic. This way we don't have to go online looking for instructions or perform complex operations.

It can display some information about USB drives and SD cards connected via USB ports, but the amount of information that can be retrieved via the adapter is usually limited.

It is fully portable and self-contained. You don't need to install it to be able to run it and the whole application contains only one file. The list showing disk information and SMART data is divided into four groups. 

 Indicators Function

  1. The first group, (disk information), displays some of the most important health attributes, such as number of hours on, temperature, and percentage of life remaining (for SSDs). This group also displays device information such as model, serial number and spin rate (for hard drives), disk partition, and some other useful information.
  2. The second group reproduces the critical warnings from the Nvme health log. These attributes have only two possible values, True or False. Monitoring these features is very important as it can help prevent damage to your device or data loss. This group is only visible if the selected drive is an NVMe SSD. 
  3. The third group shows the critical SMART characteristics. When these characteristics deviate from normal values, device failure is usually predicted. If you see yellow or red items here, start backing up your data regularly. On the other hand, if you see objects in red, consider replacing your drive with a new one.
  4.  The fourth group shows other features that may help you diagnose problems with your drive or decide whether you should replace it.

Other useful functions

  • Auto-refresh every 2 minutes - This menu item enables or disables the auto-refresh feature. When this option is enabled, Clear Disk Info automatically reloads information for all disks every 2 minutes.
  • Refresh Device List - Press this menu item or the F5 key whenever you want to reload the disk information for all disks.
  • Export to text file - Save the information of the selected disk to a text file. You will be prompted for the location and file name of the desired text file.
  • Automatic Updates - Turns automatic updating on or off. When this option is enabled, the application searches for a newer version each time it is launched.
  • Check for updates now - Click this menu item if you want Clear Disk Info to quickly verify if an update is available.
  • Check this disk for errors - Click this menu item to easily run the Windows disk check utility (chkdsk /F) on each partition of the selected disk. The option to search and repair damaged blocks is disabled.
  • Check and repair this disk - Select this menu item to run the Windows disk check utility (chkdsk /F /R) on each partition of the selected disk. The option to search and repair damaged blocks is enabled, so the scan and repair operation may take a long time.
  • Optimize this disk - Select this menu item if you want to optimize the storage layout of the selected disk.
  • Eject this disk - Click this menu item if you want to safely remove a disk without shutting down your computer. This may even work for some SATA connected devices if they are not being used by other applications.
  • Do not show bad status for this disk - Enable this option to prevent the selected disk from being marked with warning or failed status, regardless of attribute values. You can turn this feature back off at any time later. This is a per-disk feature.

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