JustDelete.me: How to delete your account from social networks or services


The various online services are growing and multiplying over time and while many times we are attracted by their impressive services and we register immediately, but to what extent we are free to manage our personal data and posts is something that some of them do not prioritize since in many cases it becomes difficult or even impossible to delete our account. Some others make our lives difficult until we can find the way to deletion and in others we will not face any difficulties. 

Anyway, JustDelete.me proves to be a very useful guide that informs us about the possibility of deleting our account and the general management of our personal data in each of these services. Specifically on the name of each service has added a color that has its meaning. If it's green it's easy to delete your account, yellow means you have to go through a maze to get there, red means it's very difficult and will probably give you a headache until you find the way and finally black means it can not be deleted so do not educate it.

In fact, in cases where it is not easy or impossible to delete your account by clicking on showinfo you can find more details about the difficulties you are going to face. For most cases that fall under the black usually you can not delete your account but just temporarily disable it. However, disabling does not remove your data, so you will have to manually delete all the notes and personal information you have posted, that is, it is currently being searched.

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