PRTG: Monitor traffic and applications on your network


Monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications on your network. Everything you need is included in the PRTG, without the need for additional downloads. PRTG can scan network segments by specifying a specific IP range. In this way it automatically recognizes a wide range of devices and systems and creates sensors from predefined device standards. 

This saves you a lot of configuration work and you can start monitoring right away. With PRTG Maps you can create web pages with updated tracking data with the design you want and you can also publish maps with tracking data. PRTG also alerts you when it detects warnings or unusual measurements. 

You can easily set email or SMS notifications to suit your needs. The application is available full for 30 days, however even if you do not buy it it still works after this period as a free application but cutting some of its features.

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