Tuesday 22 March 2022

TheSage: English dictionary, word treasure


This is a program designed for use by researchers and educators seeking to perform certain language analyzes. Despite the complexity of TheSage, using the dictionary is extremely simple. Casual users only need to type a word and press Enter. If the word is present, TheSage will display the senses, treasure, pronunciation and other information. If the word does not exist, it will provide suggestions and alternative spellings.

It is best to think of TheSage as two different systems: a knowledge database and a multi-tool interface. The knowledge database consists of a closely integrated English dictionary and thesaurus. The TheSage index contains approximately 250.000 words and its dictionary approximately 320.000 senses, 86.000 etymologies, 60.000 usage examples and 170.000 phonetic transcripts. 

TheSage's treasure trove contains approximately 1.900.000 relationships between words and definitions, from synonyms and pronouns to exclamations, etc. As a body, the program consists of approximately 12.7 million words and allows the user to extract and collect information from the database knowledge in various ways. This is achieved with the tools displayed in the left navigation panel.

To use the dictionary, first select the dictionary tool in the left navigation panel, then type a word in the text box and press the Enter key (or click the Enter button). By default, a drop-down list will automatically provide suggestions as you type. This feature can be turned off via the dictionary page in the Options dialog box.

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