Ultrasurf: Hide your IP and encrypt your communication.


Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China gain free access to the internet, however, due to its exceptional simplicity, it has become one of the most popular anti-censorship software in the world, with millions of people using it for to circumvent internet censorship. UltraSurf also enhances our security on public Wi-Fi networks, hides IP and encrypts communications.

Users in countries without internet censorship can use it to protect their privacy and internet security. Available for free and does not require installation. It does not install any files on the computer and does not leave any registry edits after its release. In other words, it leaves no trace of its use.

To completely remove the software from the computer, the user needs to delete the file. The software works by creating an encrypted HTTP tunnel between the user's computer and a central group of proxy servers, allowing users to bypass firewalls and censorship. 

The software uses sophisticated, proprietary anti-blocking technology to bypass internet filtering and censorship by constantly changing IPs. 

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