Saturday April 1 2023

Cinebench: Modern free application for evaluating the capabilities of your computer


This is a great, free application that will help you see how powerful your computer is. Cinebench utilizes the same powerful 3D Cinema 4D Release 20 engine to accurately evaluate CPU performance on multiple systems and platforms. For over a decade, Cinebench has been a popular tool for evaluating hardware performance. 

The improvements in Cinebench Release 20 reflect the overall technological advances of recent years, providing a more accurate measure of Cinema 4D capability given the multi-core CPUs and state-of-the-art processor features available to the average user. 

The Cinebench R20 uses a much larger and more complex test scene requiring about 8 times the computing power required to provide improved reference accuracy for current and next generation processors and to test whether a computer is stable at high CPU load. 

The application will not start on unsupported processors. On systems that do not have enough RAM to load the test scene, a warning will appear stating that it cannot be executed. 

Test results may vary slightly because it is impossible to disable any operating system background work. Modern processors and graphics cards also dynamically regulate clock speeds based on environmental conditions such as power and temperature, thereby reducing clock speed when operating at their maximum capacity for better CPU cooling and damage prevention. However with many modern processors the opposite is also true.

In any case, we would say that it is perhaps one of the best modern evaluation applications, which will give you a very good picture of the capabilities of your computer as a whole. 

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