Thursday 14 July 2022

Moo0 Mp3: Enhance the sound and add effects to your MP3s


Moo0 Mp3 is a free application that lets you enhance the sound of Mp3 files by adding some sound effects. It currently supports Mp3 and Wav file formats. Note that the program will not change the original files. Saves recently converted files to the same folder by default (you can configure the destination) and includes several presets including: 

Original sound filter to improve the sound of music, ability to amplify the voice of singers, lower the voice and hear the sounds of instruments louder, change the tempo of the songs, while maintaining the same step, change male voice to female in three levels, female voice in male in three levels, ability to adjust the volume level of each music file to match the rest of the songs in your music list, adjust the volume of the music according to your preferences, such as amplification of bass by turning them off and more

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