Friday May 19 2023

YouDJ : Mix your favorite songs


YouDJ is a website through which we can listen and mix music. It gives us the possibility in a very simple and easy way to listen and mix songs from the internet, but also audio from YouTube videos. 

Of course, nothing prevents us from mixing our favorite songs from our computer. It consists of 2 virtual turntables and a mixer.

Your mission is to simultaneously play two songs on each turntable and use the mixer to mix them. You can use loop effects, hotcues, backspin, and more.

To make it easy, the beats are automatically synchronized, but you can also change the speed of the music in the mixer. You can access all the music and videos found on the bottom side.

The menu on the left side allows you to search and access the music library. Also, you can display amazing videos in the background by pressing these buttons on the mixer. 
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, Chromebook, linux
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TAGS: Internet , Sound

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