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Clonezilla is a free, open source software with amazing capabilities with which we can make backups, while Clonezilla SE is suitable for bulk storage, more specifically it is suitable for creating a backup and recovering it anytime we want , something similar to Norton Ghost. There are two types of Clonezilla: Clonezilla Live and Clonezilla SE (Server Edition). Clonezilla live is suitable for production, with the ability to copy at least 40 systems simultaneously. We can use it on almost any functional and get exact copies. Do you mean that if you want to back up your operating system you should have at least one extra hard drive on your computer or have your hard drive split into 2 partitions (it should save it somewhere) although my opinion is to save it better to an external USB drive.

The operation of its program is relatively simple and you will not encounter any problem provided of course that you have some experience with this type of applications, Besides, on the website of the program you will find very detailed instructions for each of your steps that will solve all your questions. Nevertheless, I will try to help as much as possible in detail, through photos I took during the test showing its most basic functions. More specifically, we will see below how we can clone one disk to another. I would advise you to run the program from a USB flash drive, the creation of which we describe at the end of the article.


By booting from our bottle we first select the language, it means that we have connected to a USB port and our external hard drive and in the first image we will see we press ENTER.

Select the program language and press ENTER.


Leave the keyboard layout as it is and press ENTER.

Press ENTER to start the cloning process.

The options you see are many, however for the needs of the test we chose the second, and  press ENTER. (that is, we will clone our disk to another disk). 

Select which disk (source) you want to clone and press ENTER.


Select the target disk, and press ENTER.


In this step, select if you want your disk to be checked for errors before cloning and press ENTER.


Finally, in the tab you see you have to choose if after the cloning you want your computer to restart or shut down.


Before cloning starts, a warning appears informing you that all data will be deleted from the target disk to burn the image from your old disk.

We should point out that there are a lot of options and settings in the program, however, you won't need more than 10 minutes of testing to fully understand how it works. Don't be scared by so many steps, in fact its operation is very simple and you will find it if you use it. However, before you start you should be sure of your every step.

We should also note that many options and configurations are offered depending on your needs and skill level, in fact as you will see, the program includes an advanced option for detailed settings.

Before you start, be sure to download the appropriate ISO that suits you (for the needs of the test I ran the version (clonezilla-live-20200302-eoan-amd64)

How to run the application from USB FLASH
If you want to run Clonezilla through a USB stick, download the app Rufus, select the application's ISO file, select your computer's configuration file system (MBR or GPT). If you do not know what they are (read Our related article here)  and finally click the start button. Once the registration is complete you can now restart and start your cloning.

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