Z-DBackup: Professional backup application


It is a complete backup application that can copy your data quickly, easily and reliably to any kind of drive such as CD-R / W, DVD +/- R / W, DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray, USB flash drives but. 

It supports multiple backup plans, directory synchronization, fully automatic backup, archiving, data transfer via e-mail, FTP or network.

This makes it an ideal backup tool for both personal and professional use. The backup sets are interconnected so a set of backups can be linked to another backup set to make multiple backups in one run. This allows you to make backups with different settings for different content.

For example, you could create a backup set for the music you want to back up to your NAS, another backup for your documents in the cloud to an encrypted file, and another backup for your photos on a Blu-ray Disc. and run it all in one step.

With Z-DBackup you can also back up entire applications such as Microsoft Outlook, databases, and the Windows registry. The software is able to backup tasks on a network, it also supports scheduled backups. After all, this is a really worthwhile program, with professional capabilities, but it can be used by anyone.

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