Essential NetTools: A collection of useful network scanning, security, and management tools


Essential NetTools is an all-in-one application, a set of network scanning, security and management tools for diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. It includes many features and functions, some of which are listed below:

1.NetStat: Displays a list of your computer's incoming and outgoing network connections, including information about open TCP and UDP ports, IP address, and connection states. What makes it different from other utilities is the ability to map open ports.

2.NBScan: This is a powerful and fast NetBIOS scanner. With NBScan you can scan a network within a given range of IP addresses and record computers that have a NetBIOS resource sharing service, as well as nameplates and MAC addresses. Unlike the standard nbtstat utility provided in Windows, it provides a graphical user interface and easy management of the lmhosts file.

3.HostAlive: This is a network monitoring tool that periodically checks if a host is 'live' and performs network services, such as an HTTP or FTP server.

4.EmailVerify: Checks if an e-mail address is valid by communicating with the respective mail server via SMTP,

5.IPBlackList: Checks if an IP address is blacklisted for IP addresses, SPAM databases, open proxies, etc. and helps you understand why a given IP address is being rejected by certain network resources.

6.ProcMon: Displays the list of running processes and provides information about the program location, manufacturer, and process ID. With this tool, you can view CPU usage statistics, detect hidden applications, "kill" current processes, and generally manage your computer's resources more efficiently.

7.WiFiMan: Displays the wireless adapters, lists the available wireless networks, and lets you manage the connection profiles. 

8.TraceRoute and Ping: Programs with customizable options and presentation of results that allow you to explore the internet and experience connectivity issues. 

9.NS Lookup: Allows you to convert IP addresses to hostnames and vice versa, obtain aliases and run DNS queries such as MX or CNAME.

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