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There are several tools for recovering deleted files for Windows. These tools, often called "file recovery software", exploit the weakness of the Windows "delete" command that we all regularly use to delete files. 

In fact, the "Delete" function in Windows only removes bits of information from files so that they appear deleted to the operating system.

So, it is easy to recover these files using some specialized file recovery software. To remove the files permanently from your system, you need to use a program that is capable of rewriting the files with random binary data multiple times. 

This process is called slicing. File Shredder is a free application that destroys unwanted files from your hard drive without the fear that they could possibly be recovered.

In this way, the actual contents of the file have been replaced and the possibilities of retrieving such a fragmented file are largely theoretical. File Shredder has been developed as a fast, secure and reliable tool for this purpose.

You can choose between 5 different file shredding algorithms, each progressively stronger than the last. The program also includes Disk Wiper, which uses a special shredding algorithm to wipe unused disk space. 

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