Wednesday 11 May 2022

Musink Lite: Music composition application


Musink is a music composition application that will change the way you write music, allowing you to do more with your MIDI keyboard, write faster, and have complete control over your published results. Writing notes in Musink is very easy. Almost all configuration tasks are automated. When you move a note or add a mark, notes, and text will move to make room. As you delete items, others will be moved to ensure that they are no longer displayed. Comes with a set of templates with pre-designed page layouts that control everything from note sizes to page margins to title fonts. In just a few seconds you can create a standard PDF for book editions or another children's PDF for an iPad.T

The professional version includes an easy-to-use template editor, which allows you to design your own templates, giving you complete power over published results. You can also export your music as MIDI to use wherever you want. With Musink Pro, you can record from a MIDI device in real time, and import notes and MIDI files.

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