Tuesday 11 April 2023

Cryptomator: Lock your data in the cloud


Cryptomator is a simple tool for your digital self-defense. It allows you to protect your data in the cloud. With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands since the application encrypts your data quickly and easily.

You can securely upload them to your favorite cloud service. Most cloud providers only encrypt data in transit or keep the decryption keys for themselves. These keys can be stolen, copied or misused. With Cryptomator, only you have the key to your data.

It allows you to access your files from all your devices. It's simple to use and integrates seamlessly between your data and the cloud.

Cryptomator's technology meets the latest security standards and encrypts files and filenames with AES and a 256-bit key length. To get started with the app, you assign a password for a folder (we call it a vault) within your cloud. That's all.

To access the vault, simply retype the password. You will be given a virtual encrypted drive that you can move your data to (just like a USB flash drive).

Whenever you save something to this drive, Cryptomator will automatically encrypt the data. 

The technology behind it is state-of-the-art and encrypts files and filenames with AES and 256-bit security encryption meaning no one can see your data.

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