Friday September 16 2022

Excel Merger: Merge Excel XLS / XLSX and ODS / CSV / XML files without using Excel


Excel is the most popular format used by those who work with tables and statistical files in their daily work. Sometimes there are too many worksheets and files that need to be organized and merged. 

Excel Merger is a handy Excel software utility that allows users to merge Excel XLS / XLSX and ODS / CSV / XML files, workbooks and spreadsheets into a single workbook file without using MS Office or MS Excel.

Unlike other Excel merge apps that only merge Excel files into a single file, it could also merge all workbooks into one file into one worksheet or merge all workbooks into multiple files into one workbook into a single file. This could be very useful when users need to merge all documents, files, worksheets, tables and forms.

If users want to merge certain sheets into one file only, the sheet range option allows them to merge only selected workbooks instead of the entire workbook document. In addition to merging files and workbooks, Excel Merger also allows users to merge rows and columns in hundreds of Excel table files or worksheets in bulk. 

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