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Thunderbolt is a high bandwidth interface (PCIe) created by Intel (first introduced in 2004 and now in version 5) and is included in laptops, desktops and other systems. Thunderspy is a type of PCIe port vulnerability that was first released on May 10, 2020. Through this vulnerability, an attacker could gain full access to a computer's information in about five minutes.

Thunderspy is completely "invisible", which means you can not find any trace of the attack. It does not require your participation, ie in this case there is no phishing connection or some malicious code run by the attacker. According to researcher Björn Ruytenberg, who first identified the vulnerability, all one has to do is disconnect the card from the motherboard, connect a device temporarily, reprogram the firmware, and reconnect the card. All this can be done in less than five minutes. However, as one understands it is not so simple, and can only be done by hackers with special knowledge who should, however, have access to your computer hardware.

It can potentially affect millions of computers running Apple, Linux and Windows, as well as any computers built before 2019 that have PCIe ports. In response to this vulnerability, Intel has stepped up security levels with a new security architecture designed to allow users to access only trusted Thunderbolt devices.

Spycheck is now an application developed for this purpose, and can help you determine if your system is vulnerable. If it is found to be vulnerable, Spycheck will guide you through recommendations on how to optimize your computer protection.

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