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18 best free power management programs for Windows


Power management programs are a special category of software and help us to manage basic or secondary tasks of windows automatically. More specifically, we can manage the shutdown or restart time of our computer, hibernate, close the screen, lock the keyboard or prevent these functions, and specify a specific execution time. The range of uses of this type of program is almost unlimited.

Alternate shutdown


This program allows you to shut down your computer, either after a period of time or at a specific date and time setting. Additionally, it offers the ability to restart the computer after stopping or sending the computer into hibernation mode. You can also select a parameter that will close running applications. The program can be displayed as a disk icon to avoid using space on the taskbar if the shutdown time has been set longer.

Auto Power Options OK


On some Windows operating systems, power options are customized but sometimes not adhered to, especially in Windows 10, especially by the many applications running in the background, but you can not do anything as a user on your own computer to reduce energy consumption. All experts recommend using the "low power" or "hypnosis" feature to save energy when the computer is not being used to protect your hardware, for all versions of Windows and other operating systems. 

The program is suitable for inexperienced PC users as well as experienced administrators. Without maze settings it makes computers more energy efficient while saving valuable resources. 

 It really is a great tool with a very small size with very low CPU and memory usage of your computer, without installation required and that includes the appropriate automatic power options to properly manage the energy efficiency of your computer. 

Includes a custom screen auto-timer, a custom auto-hypnosis timer for the computer, and an auto-switch to another energy plan.

Adios - Shutdown Timer


If you want to schedule shutdowns, locks or other actions on your computer and you are not satisfied with the "Task Scheduler" or "Run" of the windows system, then you can try Adios - Shutdown Timer, a special application that will do just that. this. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and after you run it you will see the main tab of the program that includes, a clock, various control buttons and all the commands of the supported actions. As you will see for yourself, its use is very simple and will not bother you. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the application does not require installation.



EasyShutdown is a free utility for Windows for restarting, shutting down, and suspending your PC immediately or late. Quick session lock and logout via the EasyShutdown menu prevents unauthorized access to your machine when your system is left unattended. Delayed functions can be used, for example, to shut down your computer after a download is complete or when video or audio conversion processing is complete. Compatible with Windows XP / 7/8/10, 32 and 64 bit.

Don't sleep


It happens periodically that our computer shuts down, restarts, or goes off, even when we do not want to. It is true that we will be able to adjust the settings for these actions, but many times we do not bother to do so.

If you want an application to prevent or shut down your computer that will free you from the individual settings that you need to do and that includes waiting, hibernation, shutdown and restart your computer you will find them in Dont Sleep, a small and portable application since its operation does not require installation.

But it not only does this, it also prevents the computer from logging in, turning off the screen or turning on the screen saver. Of course, you can also manually turn off all options and then turn them on again.

Shutter Lite


There are many programs that you can use to schedule your computer to automatically shut down or restart, but you'll be hard-pressed to find one that does much more. Shutter is the program that promises us that. 

You can automatically shut down your computer (restart, logout, etc.) through the application's timer. Set it to 10 minutes for example, select "Shutdown" click Start and the program will start counting down. 

But this is only the beginning. You can set the program to activate these options at a specific time when for example the CPU usage drops below a certain level, when a user has been inactive for a certain period of time, when the battery level drops below a certain amount, when a window or process stops, and many more.

Free DShutdown


Free application that allows the user to turn off one or more remote computers on a local network under certain conditions, for example, after a specified time, at a specific time, at a specific time of day of the week of the month or when a running program is terminated, when CPU usage rises above a certain level for a given time, when Internet activity is above or below a set value for a given time, when the connection of the modem fails or some other similar peripheral, when the user is inactive for a certain period of time, when a pixel on the screen changes color or when another program (or the same user) requests a shutdown.



KShutdown is a very simple and useful program with the help of which we will be able to disable, shut down, reboot, lock our screen or shut down our computer at a set time. It has various time options, command line support delay options, and text messages. No installation required

Prevent Turn Off


We typically use power management gadgets to shut down our computer at a scheduled time. PreventTurnOff is a small free software that can do this, but you can also use it to keep your computer running even when no activity is detected. Doing so will prevent your computer from shutting down in a controlled manner. Simply put, it prevents a computer from shutting down, entering hibernation or hibernation mode, and also disables the screen saver or prevents your screen from being turned off if we choose to do so.

Sordum Monitor Off


Computer monitors consume a significant amount of power, unfortunately, Windows does not offer a more drastic solution to this issue. Power options in Windows have a setting to turn off the screen after a period of time when your computer is idle. If you have a desktop computer you could for example turn off your screen manually, but still, can you turn off your laptop screen?

Most laptops do not have this option. Sordum Monitor off is a simple utility that can help you close your computer screen with a single click or keystroke. This utility also has some additional features such as locking the workstation, locking the keyboard when the screen turns off, locking your mouse or mute the sound.

So when you use your laptop with a battery, you can significantly increase battery life by simply turning off your monitor when not needed, or by performing time-consuming tasks such as scanning for viruses or listening to music and for what you no longer need to see your screen.

The application does not need to be installed, so after unzipping the downloaded file, open the folder and click the MonitorOff icon. If you want to add other parameters such as locking your keyboard or mouse, click on the MonitorOff_Config icon and select the functions you want.



Simple program that allows users to shut down their computers late. You can add the program to the taskbar and select as soon as you run it one of the options End, Disconnect, Restart, Timer, Sleep or Hibernate. To run it, double-click on the icon and select your action.

Timed Shutdown


Automatically shut down, hibernate, suspend, restart, disconnect, or lock your computer at a specific date and time. You can easily track and cancel your scheduled job if needed, during the final countdown. You can also run the program on the command line or from a shortcut with presets.

Windows Shutdown Assistant


Windows Shutdown Assistant provides you with the best solution for shutting down Windows automatically. However, it has more possibilities than turning off a computer. You can also set up your computer to automatically log out, restart, hibernate, or run programs and open a URL at a specific time. Just create the task and then the program will do it for you. Enable your computer to shut down automatically, schedule programs or files to open, fixed URLs at a time, display messages and create event reminder notes, include support for locking your computer to protect your data or files, and compatibility with all Windows operating systems.

Wise Auto Shutdown


Wise Auto Shutdown lets you set your computer to shut down, restart, log off, put your computer into hibernation on a regular basis, or just once. You can schedule the task you want daily, at the exact time, on a specific date and time, or after a period of time that you have set manually. However, if you are not ready yet, you can delay it by 5 minutes or up to 10 hours, without complicated options or unnecessary dialog boxes, you can easily choose which task you want and then specify the set time.



Free program that lets you quit, reboot, and hibernate your computer at a set time. The program is portable, does not use the system registry, and all settings are stored in an INI file in the executable directory. Ability to perform a selected action (shutdown, restart, suspend, hibernate, lock, disconnect) on a specific date and time or after the specified time. 

Display a notification 30 seconds before the scheduled action. Optionally, by blocking the computer from waking up to sleep and hibernation. However, some tasks may wake up the computer. 

To reduce the chance of your computer turning on other processes, run the program as an administrator. The program is portable: It does not use the system registry and all settings are stored in an INI file located in the executable directory. The program executable file (WinExit.exe) can be copied to an external drive and used on another computer without installation.

Switch power scheme


Switching power plan type requires you to open the Power Options field from the Control Panel or from the Windows Settings app. In the Power Options app, you can select one of three options, Balanced, High Performance, and Energy Saver, or you can create your own custom plans. For example, you may have some reasons to switch between power plans. 

 You can choose the "high performance" power plan to increase the FPS while playing a game, when the laptop battery is low, you can switch to the "power saving" plan and make the battery last longer, you can also create your own power plan to reduce CPU frequency and prevent your laptop from overheating.

With Switch Power Scheme the situation is simplified since all you need to do is run the program and select the type of power supply you want.

quick cpu


In the past, most computers were desktops and there was no real need for technologies like SpeedStep, Turbo Boost, etc. However, these days, power consumption is sometimes a higher priority than performance. 

Considering the significant changes in new technology and hardware expectations, CPUs have gained many new features such as TurboBoost, SpeedStep, Hyper-Threading and individual core states that help reduce power consumption and heat. While these are all positive changes, sometimes a situation is created where the user is not performing at peak performance when required (delayed performance boost). 

This can be caused by many unpredictable factors such as system status, availability, CPU status, heat, and more. This application was created to help control such factors and reduce the impact of performance degradation where possible. 

Quick CPU is a program designed to adjust and monitor important CPU and system parameters, such as CPU temperature, CPU performance, power, voltage, current, core parking, frequency scaling, system memory, Turbo boost and other settings.

Park Control


ParkControl CPU is a ΄΄hypnosis΄΄ state supported by most modern processors and operating systems where CPU cores are dynamically disabled in an attempt to save power when idle. Disabled cores are however reactivated as the CPU load increases. This technology is very similar to frequency scaling in that it seeks to lower the CPU's operating frequency when idle. 

There are, of course, many factors that will determine how effective it will be for any given system, including CPU type, application load, and user behavior. However, it is found that Windows is often too aggressive in choosing to park the cores, resulting in excessive latency, as the cores are prevented from immediately absorbing the developing loads. For this purpose this ParkControl was created. 

Bitsum developed ParkControl because kernel parking settings are hidden in Windows, but can make such a big difference in performance, especially when there are CPU binding loads. Park Control is a small free application that allows you to adjust your processor's parking core for one or more energy profiles on your machine. You can use this application to disable some of the unused cores of your computer, this way, you will reduce power consumption and heat dissipation. 

By default, Windows does not provide a direct way to adjust these parameters, which makes this application particularly interesting. On the contrary, it can be used to disable the parking of the cores and allow the processor not to reduce its operating frequency, thereby increasing their performance. 
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