Monday 20 March 2023

Background Generator : Free background generator


When looking for background images, most of us either go online and download high resolution wallpapers or use family or other graphic photos. However, what the internet offers cannot satisfy everyone's needs, because some users or designers may want to use background images with special graphics or commercial posters, and this requires the background to be excellent and well designed.

Now, you can now create custom beautiful backgrounds yourself. Background Generator is a simple free image generator that provides some great templates and effects for image designers, menu designers, graphic designers, web developers and bloggers to create amazing backgrounds, logos, banners and more types of designs and can generate large images of random backgrounds in high-resolution PNG/JPG image formats from 7 background generators, which include the background generator. 

Its mode of operation is extremely simple. After downloading the application, choose from the available templates the Background you want and save it as an image on your computer. As you will see the program includes many settings so that you can create your background as you wish and in any resolution you wish.

It can create perfectly designed images from random machine programs with 7 different models and ensures that each new image is 100% unique. It provides options that allow users to create images in high resolutions even greater than 4K and allows them to adjust the image size.

In addition to the standard JPEG/JPG image format, this program allows designers to create transparent PNG images. With the ability to add text, add text to your image if you wish and apply many of the available effects available for this purpose.

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