Encoding Decoding Free: Powerful file encoding application


Encoding Decoding Free is a completely free, simple, fast and powerful application, the best and simplest way to encode and decode any file type and hide sensitive data you want to keep out of prying eyes.
It's probably the best way to encode and decode any file type, but I'd say by far the easiest. You can use it to hide all your sensitive data or important documents or keep them away from prying eyes. 

 Simply select the file you want to encrypt put a strong password and within a short time (depending on the size of the file of course) your file will be encrypted so that no one but you or any user authorized by you can open it . Be careful not to forget the password, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt the encrypted files. 

The new version is not compatible with older versions 1.xx, so before using the new program it is recommended to recover your old files with older versions of Encoding Decoding and re-encode them.



Run the application and select from the File-Open menu and select the file you want to encrypt. Alternatively drag the file into the application menu.

Select the degree of encryption and at the same time enter a strong code in the corresponding fields. By entering the code you will see on the left of the application menu and how strong, the weak codes show a red bar, the medium ones a yellow one, and the very good and strong codes a green one. So be sure to enter a very good password and click OK

The total encryption time is proportional to the size of the file to be encrypted, the type of encryption and the processing power of your computer.

CAUTION - Be careful not to forget the password, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt your encrypted files. 

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