Iperius Backup Free: Free backup software for Windows


Iperius Backup Free is a free, simple, reliable, and efficient Windows backup software with automatic notifications, backups, and email. Compatible with Windows Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019 and Windows 10, with no license restrictions one of the best free backup programs, even released in commercial versions for those who need even more advanced security features for their companies. 

Supports unlimited size compression, incremental backup, network authentication and execution of external scripts and programs, includes design features so that it can automatically back up based on specific days and times. You can create multiple backup schedules based on the days of the month or week, but also at different times. 

Iperius Backup can back up files and folders to any storage device or over the network, even in incremental or differential mode, and can maintain multiple backups. 

The free version of Iperius Backup has all the commercial email notification features and allows you to send an email after each backup to one or more recipients. After installing the application the first time you get backups you will need to enter your email to activate

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