Saturday May 14 2022

uWall: Create hidden partitions on your USB stick


Creating an encrypted USB Stick is a first-class option to securely store our personal data as well as data related to our work or files that we do not want to fall into the hands of third parties. In this way we ensure our privacy since in case we lose our stick but also for any other reason no one will be able to read them. UWall is a smart mobile application that will help us in our purpose and supports the creation of multiple encrypted partitions on a removable disk or flash memory disk where each encrypted partition has its own password. The difference of this application in relation to others is that you can divide a stick into several compartments either secretly or openly and that for each of them will have its own code. But let's see how it works now.

1. We put our stick in the USB port of our computer and run the application, in the panel that will open you will see the connected USB devices in your computer. Right-click on the desired USB device and then left-click Disk Encryption Wizard.

2. Select Crypted, specify the Partition size, enter a strong password and check the Mount and Format box.

3. A hidden partition has now been added to our stick, in case we now want to unmount it we right click on the Partition and then click on Unmound.

4. Finally, in the same way to re-attach it, this time we click on the open option and on the next tab we add our password so that we can see and manage the contents of the files on our stick.

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