Sunday 12 September 2021

Bloatbox: Uninstall applications from the Microsoft Store


The Microsoft Store is an integral part of windows 10 where you can find a very large number of useful programs for your computer. However, among them there are applications that are pre-installed without us having selected them and less experienced users may have a problem when uninstalling these utilities. The application is a free, portable program, which means that you do not need to install it on your computer. The menu is as simple as possible, so that both beginners and advanced users can easily uninstall applications from the Microsoft Store that they no longer need. When you start, Bloatbox displays a list of all supported applications running and you will have to wait a while for your computer to scan and locate the software you have installed. Additionally, there is a check box that you can enable if you want Bloatbox to also display system applications. However, special care is required when removing this type of program from your computer. For convenience, you can select multiple applications together so that you do not have to uninstall them one by one.
Bloatbox: 0.20
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