Wednesday April 12 2023

LanXchange: Free file transfer application from mobile to PC and vice versa


This is a very simple tool that will help you with local file transfers through your wireless network. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android phones with no installation required, just run the lxc executable file located in the folder you will see, after unzipping the downloaded file. 

It automatically finds the devices that are on the same network and uses your local network for transportation, much faster than other solutions and even without ads, since it is a 100% free open source software. Its very simple mode, simply drag the files you want to transfer from your computer to the application menu.

 You will immediately see these files on your mobile phone or on another computer where you have run the application. From there, click on the download icon that you will see in the file or files you want to download. In a similar way you can transfer your files from mobile to mobile or from your mobile to any computer.

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TAGS: PC tools , Android

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