SmartFix: Repair your PC after being infected by an unknown malware


SmartFix is ​​a free application that automatically fixes the most common problems that can occur after an infection, even by some unknown malware that cannot be handled by the Antivirus you have installed on your computer. 

After integration, SmartFix is ​​available in the start menu and in the recovery environment at system startup for WinXP or later versions of windows. 

 For the basic installation, we need to download the SmartFix + file and install it, it automatically integrates into the recovery environment (look for it as SmartFix Troubleshooting in the windows start menu in windows safe mode  ) and run it, without any questions it will restart the computer to start the recovery process. This will take about 5-10 minutes, in any case, you will have to wait until the end of the process. When the desktop reappears, a progress report will open on the taskbar, and if you do not understand much, just close it.

Follow the following steps:

After installing the software, select recovery from the main windows settings menu and click Instant Restart:


In the next field select  Dealing and finally,


Click smart fix tool and let the program complete the scan-check process.

In most cases, the computer repairs itself and you don't need to do anything more. However, in case the problem persists there is a second way (but it will take some experience here

to manually identify malicious startup items. Click the SmartFix icon from your computer's desktop and select autorun, then click Autoruns. A window will open with the applications running automatically on your computer.

Now, you have to watch the results, (there are red numbers in the VirusTotal column, they indicate the number of positive responses to the total number of virusesν)

Beware, not all listings here are malicious, but there are many false positives. 

Therefore, only if you are sure that an entry is malicious, you can disable it.

If you still cannot clean the malware, try one of the options below available in the application through third-party security software such as (Adware Cleaner, etc.).
Download the SmartFix application

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