Auto Recycle Bin: Schedule automatic deletion of files


We use the recycle bin often, however, since 1995 this element of the operating system has not changed at all. 

The usage pattern is as old as the Windows operating system itself, the recycle bin collects data until you empty it or until it takes up too much disk space. Today, we're introducing improvements to the Recycle Bin that will make it much more useful.

The files will be kept in it for a longer time, they will take up less of your disk space and, most importantly, the cleaning will be fully automatic according to your rules.

Using the program all items in the recycle bin will be monitored and deleted according to your rules. You can set the recycle bin to empty when you close the Windows operating system, or set it to delete large files after just a few hours. 

If the files don't take up much disk space, you can set it to keep them for a month or other longer time frames. 

You can even set rules based on deletion date, file extension or file size. In other words - the rules will provide automatic cleaning, so you won't have to worry again. 
Download the Auto Recycle Bin application

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