Wednesday December 7 2022

9 Free Wireless File Transfer and Download Apps for Mobile and PC


Transferring, sending or sharing files via our mobile phone is a process that we use almost every day. Many applications have been developed for this purpose, so today, we have compiled and presented the best of them to help you send and receive messages, import and export apk files, manage Android files, transfer files between Android and PC , view and manage photos on Android, or transfer photos between Android and PC.



Snapdrop for Android is a completely free application for Android devices for transferring files between mobile phones and between PC and mobile. Thanks to its perfect integration with Android, files are sent even faster, directly through other applications.

To send files between two mobiles, install the application on both, click on the device where you want to send the files and select from your device the file that can be anything, video photos, music, etc .. Your file has been shipped to its destination. Now, to send files from your computer or to send files from your mobile to your computer click on snapdrop.net.

If you have the application open on your mobile you will see the devices appear. From there, transfer the files you want in the same way. The web application will work just as well for windows, mac, linux



Offline P2P file transfer tool that can help you quickly share photos, videos, music, apps and files between mobile devices at any time. Capable of transferring all kinds of files and supporting all Android devices, it enables you to exchange your files without internet or mobile data usage. Capable of sending and receiving all types of files 200 times faster than Bluetooth, with a higher speed of up to 50M/s. It also lets you connect to your computer or share on the Web.



This is a very simple tool that will help you with local network file transfers. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android phones with no installation required, just run the lxc executable file located in the lxc folder you will see, after unzipping the downloaded file. 

It automatically finds devices on the same network and uses your local network for transfers, much faster than other solutions and without ads, since it is a 100% free and open source software. Its operation is very simple, just drag the files you want to transfer from your computer to the application menu. You will immediately see these files on your mobile phone or on another computer where you have run the application. 

From there, click on the download icon that you will see on the file(s) you want to download. Similarly you can transfer your files from mobile to mobile or from your mobile to any computer. You can download the application for windows from here.



Application that allows you to send content, including files, photos, videos and documents, quickly. Send files in just seconds, from 1MB to 100GB. Works on all Windows, Android and Apple devices. Just install the application on your computer or mobile phone find from your computer or phone the device you want to send your files to, press Send upload the file you want to share, press next and send your file to the devices you want to share you wish.

Send Anywhere


It may never have been so easy to transfer files between computers, between computers and mobiles and between mobiles. With the Send Anywhere you can now exchange your files without the need to register.

All you need is a 6-digit key pairing device. Download the application on your mobile and computer. Now run the program on both devices and choose the role of each according to the case.

That is, if you want to send files from PC to mobile or vice versa. Suppose we want to send a file from the computer to our mobile, click send and select the file to be sent to the mobile and click share directly. Now click on Receive on your mobile phone, and finally, enter the number you see on the computer. on your mobile to download.



Excellent wireless app for Android devices, and iphone to manage your phone from PC, which allows you to transfer files between PC and your mobile device safely, as it requires your approval to access your device. 

 Through the application, you can transfer the music files you want from your mobile device to your computer quickly and easily. It is also very useful for organizing music files stored on any mobile device over the internet (Airmore web). You can also add, edit and delete your contacts easily and quickly. 

You are no longer limited to small screens and a virtual keyboard. With AirMore, you can even send, forward, and delete messages with just a few clicks. You can even view photos and videos on your computer and Mirror your mobile on your computer.



The screens of mobile phones, even if the technology has made leaps and bounds, can not exceed even in the best cases a certain size and of course they do not have the dynamics of the screen of a Tablet or a computer. This is how the creators of today's application thought and through a very smart application they managed to give us the ability to access and interact our mobile phone and our computer wirelessly through our Wi-Fi. 

First download the app from Goole Play and install it on your mobile, create an account now and sign in. You are now logged in, from then on you can use any available action, such as uploading files, sending messages, viewing your photos, taking real-time videos, viewing your contacts, your calls, but and to see the screen of your mobile phone in real time on your computer. Finally you can even connect through the relevant Web application of. In its free version you can have 200 mb of bandwidth available for data usage every month. 

SHAREit Lite


SHAREit Lite is a new application that allows you to share photos, videos, music and generally any type of file with friends "face to face" without any limitation on file type, file size or the number of files you want to send. Transfer all types of files without quality loss like photo, video, ebook, document, music, app, zip, txt etc. It also includes some basic optimization functions, such as easily view, move or delete files and manage the storage space on your device by removing useless files, speed up your mobile and terminate power-consuming applications.

Flying Carpet


Simple free application that enables you to make wireless encrypted file transfers between computers through automatic ad hoc networking configuration. No network infrastructure such as an access point is required. All you'll need are two computers in close proximity. Flying Carpet is the ideal solution if you need to transfer a file larger than 2 GB between different file computers without setting up a file share. You can transfer multiple files simultaneously, at high speed without the need to use Bluetooth or your local network. Transferring files to computers running windows, linux or macOS is supported.
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