Sunday May 28 2023

Process Lasso : Automate, optimize and speed up your PC


Process Lasso is a Windows process automation and optimization software. From tuning algorithms such as ProBalance to user-generated rules and special settings such as CPU affinity and priority classes, Process Lasso lets you have complete control over running applications. The famous ProBalance algorithm maintains the system response during high CPU loads.

This algorithm dynamically adjusts program execution priorities to keep problematic processes under control in the background and allow you to continue interacting with your computer, even when the CPU is overloaded.

It also allows users to automate and modify the way applications run through a number of unique and useful features. 

These include permanent priority classes, disallowed processes, per-process power profiles, a process watcher for advanced rules, process instance count limits, multi-instance balancing, and more. These features let you control how programs use your computer's resources based on automatically applied settings.

With Process Lasso, you can decide exactly how you want your processes to run. Many additional functions are also available, such as power plan automation, system response measurement, and process activity recording.

Bottom line, simply put, it's a great program that runs in the background and tries to detect when unwanted programs are slowing down your computer, and then intelligently adjusts their priorities to keep your system responsive. If you are a simple user, you can be satisfied with the default settings of the application, however, if you are an experienced user, you can modify the settings at will for even better performance of your computer.

The app comes in two versions the free and the professional paid version which has more options. You can see the differences between the two products see here

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