Blue Light Filter: A useful filter for the screen of your mobile or tablet.


It is known that the blue light emitted by our mobile screen is responsible for the fatigue and dryness of our eyes when we look at our phone screen for a long time. 

Blue light from the screen of our phone or tablet is the visible spectrum of light with a frequency (380-550nm) that according to scientific studies, excessive exposure to it can create serious problems in the neurons of the retina while inhibiting the secretion of of melatonin, a hormone that affects them circadian rhythms

It is proven that reducing blue light can significantly improve sleep and eye discomfort. Blue Light Filter is an application that promises to help us, so that the effects of blue radiation are reduced to a minimum.

Before installing any other app afterwards, please disable or pause this app to enable installation, When taking screenshots, please disable or pause this app in case the screenshots use the app effect

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TAGS: Android , Utilities

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