Multiple Reboot Scheduler: Optimize Windows startup time


Windows has a boot detection and optimization mechanism that is activated on each boot, analyzes the operating system boot performance and takes the necessary steps to make it as fast as possible, thus providing a better user experience. Optimization includes transferring bootloaded files to the fastest areas of the hard disk and optimizing services and drivers for the current hardware and many more steps. The whole idea is to give the user access to the operating system as soon as possible. Have you ever noticed that over time, Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 startup times start to get worse instead of better, as in Windows 7? 

This is because, in later versions of the operating system, hybrid shutdown is enabled by default and the computer never shuts down completely, which means that boot detection and optimization are rarely or never performed. The solution;

You can restart your computer several times, leaving a few minutes between each reboot. This will cause the boot to be detected and optimized and after a few reboots, things should be much faster. MultipleRebootScheduler is a tool that optimizes Windows boot time by performing several reboots in succession with a few minutes between each reboot, which in turn enables the built-in system boot optimization. 

MRS will probably not be very useful if you have to enter the user login password every time the computer restarts. This is why it also allows you to set up automatic login for the current user, so the whole operation is fully automated. 

Therefore, select the current user to log in automatically after each reboot if you want to fully automate the multiple reboot function. If you do not enable this option, you may need to enter the user login password each time the computer is restarted. The program is completely portable and does not require installation.

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