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MPV-EASY Player is an mpv-based movie player. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, which you can customize with many parameters. Carefully adjusted settings will be able to boost its performance. Using the mpv player is much simpler than before.

Mplayer is the best player and many video players on PCs and mobile phones are also developed based on this. Because mplayer has no menu, many times you do not know that it works silently. It also often consumes less resources when playing videos, so you will find that when playing high definition movies on a low performance computer, mplayer usually performs better.

When other video players get stuck while playing a video, mplayer may simply have lost a frame. The MPV player inherits all these great features, while adding a built-in window playback control (OSC) interface, with support for hardware decoding and other additional features, and lets you enjoy any video.

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