Friday September 9 2022

PC Services Optimizer: Set up Windows services and optimize your PC with one click


By default, there are dozens of windows services running in the background, most of which, right? you need at all, thus slowing down your computer and consuming available resources. Here comes the role of PC Services Optimizer which is the ideal solution to tweak Windows services in an easy, safe and effective way to boost your PC's performance and security. PC Services Optimizer makes it easy for you to tweak dozens of unnecessary Windows services without getting involved with technical complexities. 

The service optimization process is automatic and based on how you use your computer, so it doesn't affect your system's normal operations. The result is a faster and more secure computer. In addition to automatic service tuning which is the ideal choice for beginners, PC Services Optimizer also provides advanced users with advanced options to customize the service optimization process, this will allow you to decide which services to optimize in addition to optimizing additional Windows services .

PC Services Optimizer is a safe-to-use Windows optimization solution provided with Rescue Center that can undo any changes made by PC Services Optimizer and other software to Windows service configurations.

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