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SOS Security Suite is a free, user-friendly application that helps you get rid of Malware, Adware and Spyware to prevent your computer from being infected. In it, there is also a hardware and security defect detection and system optimization component.

All these features mean your application initials, for a safer and faster system. The app menu is pretty simple, but you may need to visit the help pages to learn how the app fully works.

Security Suite is not an antivirus application in the sense that it does not provide real-time analysis of running application and internet traffic. 

It should be used as a supplement to your current antivirus program and as a second malware scanner, to improve the protection of your data through methods not provided by normal security applications. 

In addition to threat prevention and removal, SOS also includes system fault detection that notifies you of software and hardware-related issues and helps you fix them, system optimization, maintenance and repair that allows you to easily ensure the privacy, performance and reliability of your system.

Security Suite can be used as a portable tool or as an installed application. The portable tool is great if you plan to use the threat scanner and optimization modules on multiple computers. 

Security doesn't use system resources except when it's running the threat scan, which usually only takes a minute or two. 

System immunity and execution prevent work by preventing threats from executing instead of blocking them when they are executed. However, preventing malicious apps from running can also prevent genuine apps from running if they use the same methods as the malicious ones. 

It also provides methods to whitelist good apps and quickly disable system immunity to allow proper installation of genuine programs.

The security suite is provided completely free of charge.

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