Monday December 12 2022

6 best applications for accessing and controlling removable USB drives


Sure, there are many obvious reasons why a user may want to disable or restrict access to their computer's USB ports. There are many solutions for this purpose. We, however, found we chose the best. So we present you the best free applications that can help you in your goal.



Ratool is a simple, free application that helps control external storage devices, such as USB Flash drives, CD / DVD drives, and floppy disk, movie, and WPD devices. It can disable USB storage access or enable write protection on all USB Flash drives, thus preventing data from being modified or deleted, thus protecting your data. There are many such tools available on the internet, but they are often easily bypassed. Using Ratool, you will not have to worry about it, as it is a very good application that can hardly break its protection.

URC Access Modes


There are many cases where you may want to disable the arbitrary transfer of files from third parties to and from your computer via USB devices and you do not know exactly how to do it. URC Access Modes is a free utility built for this purpose and allows you to manage access at will and not just USB drives. As you can see for yourself, it allows you to fully configure access to USB devices, lock CD / DD devices, and turn off many other Windows features. Now, to apply any of the program functions, the way is simple, just select the specific function and then click the Apply button to activate the changes. -Will work with all Windows.

USB Disk Access Manager


Free, Windows utility for the user or administrator who wants to control access to USB drives on their computer and lets you manage access to them. There are three options to choose from, read and write with full access to USB drives, this is the default setting that allows your computer to read and write to USB drives (external hard drives, etc.). The second option allows the computer to read only from USB disks and deactivates their recording and finally, the third option that allows you to completely disable the detection of your USBs. After applying your options if you have USB drives connected to your computer, you will need to disconnect and reconnect them to apply the effect of the selected setting.

USB DiskManager


A small portable application that helps you use your USB drives more securely. With this utility, you can easily turn off USB devices, write protection on them, or refuse to run the application from USB drives. Using it is very simple, just run the program and select the action you want. No installation required. For post-application changes to take effect if you have a USB connection, remove it and reconnect it.

USB Flash Drive Control


USB Flash Drives Control is a free software that provides access to control how removable USB drives are used on your computer. These options are available through the right-hand menu box (click the program's system disk icon next to the clock). It also displays the connected disks. Use the left-click context menu to view the list of connected drives and explore their contents.

USB Flash Drive Control consists of two parts, a simple GUI interface used for configuration and a Windows service that ensures that program options are applied to all user accounts from the local computer. The functions are as follows: 

  1. Read mode - by turning off this option, removable USB drives will no longer be accessible to the user and data read from will not be available. 
  2. Recording Mode - Disabling this option will deny recording access to all removable USB drives used on the current computer and,
  3. Run, Mode - By turning off this option, you will not be able to run any applications from USB. All of the above options do not apply to existing connected disks. So the connected drives must first be removed and then reconnected to apply these options.

WriteProtector USB


WriteProtector USB is a simple portable application that can enable or disable write protection for all USB devices on the current system, e.g. USB sticks or external USB hard drives. Using it is quite simple, after downloading the application, unzip it and run the UsbWriteProtect file with administrator privileges. From there, choose to turn data recording on or off again for any USB stick connected to your computer. For the application to work properly you must first make the changes and then connect your USB devices.
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