Wednesday 11 January 2023

neoSearch: Simple, fast, free search app


Tired of wondering where you saved that important document? Looking for your apps and can't find some of your favorites? It is known that the built-in windows search can help you, but it might not be the best solution.

Neosearch is a completely free program that introduces a new way of searching. It is a free, lightweight program that, with the use of advanced algorithms, makes indexing literally a piece of cake.

Searching and finding results is very fast, and full results can be instantly reworded by name, size, location and last modified time.

Hyper-navigation allows you to quickly navigate to any file or folder on your system and supports the use of wildcards. 

List of features
  • It presents you with dynamic results that maintain change as you type in your query.
  • Gives you a complete list of files that match your query (when the search button is pressed or "Enter") in just 0,01 seconds.
  • Allows you to quickly access any file or folder on your system using over-navigation.
  • Small hard disk footprint and RAM usage (1.5MB). Paths to be included and excluded can be explicitly defined.
  • Indexing can be scheduled and can also run on demand.

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