USB Flash Drives Control: Check how removable USB drives will be used by your computer


USB Flash Drives Control is a free software that provides access to control how removable USB drives are used on your computer. These options are available through the right-hand menu box (click the program's system disk icon next to the clock). It also displays the connected disks. Use the left-click context menu to view the list of connected drives and explore their contents.

USB Flash Drive Control consists of two parts, a simple GUI interface used for configuration and a Windows service that ensures that program options are applied to all user accounts from the local computer. The functions are as follows: 

α) Reading Mode - Disable this option, removable USB drives will no longer be accessible to the user, and reading data from will not be available.  β) Recording Mode - Disabling this option will deny recording access to all removable USB drives used on the current computer, and γ) Run, Function - By turning off this option, you will not be able to run any application from USB. All of the above options do not apply to existing connected disks. So the connected drives must first be removed and then reconnected to apply these options.

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