Thursday April 20 2023

Univer Player : Watch videos on top of other apps


Univer Player is a program that allows you to play videos while working with other applications. The floating video player window is set to always stay on top of other windows and supports transparency setting. 

This way you can watch your favorite videos while playing games or working. Watch streaming video while playing games or running any other application.

Simply, you need to select the desired domain, and then copy the video URL to the clipboard or using the Univer Player extension, or run any video from your computer. 

Enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience. PiP mini floating window mode is designed to always stay on top of other windows so you can keep watching your favorite content while working on other tasks.

Additionally, window transparency can be adjusted to minimize distractions. You can also lock the window size and position to prevent accidental changes. All video options supported by the hosting service are also available when streaming content with uView Player.

Also, keep your favorite videos easily accessible with this app. You can also share them with friends with just one tap. Finally, you can create playlists with video or audio files in a folder.

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