Apache OpenOffice: Complete free office suite


Apache OpenOffice, also known as OpenOffice.org, is a complete open source office suite. Includes word processor (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation creator (Impress), drawing program (Draw), database management (Base) and mathematical formulas (Math). 

The suite is better known as OpenOffice, but this name is a trademark of a company in the Netherlands and is also used by Orange UK, so it was decided to officially use the name OpenOffice.org. It works on all known operating system platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac, while it also supports the Greek language perfectly, thanks to the effort of volunteers and many users. It has the same functionality as other popular office applications (such as MS Office) and thus is the ideal solution for businesses, schools and organizations, as they can get it freely. 

OpenOffice uses the open OpenDocument format, while it can read and write Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, it supports extensions, similar to Mozilla Firefox, making it a simple process to add new features to an existing OpenOffice installation.

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