ThisIsWin11: Free configuration application for Windows 11

Great free app that lets you customize Windows 11.

It starts with a helpful introduction to what you can find in Windows, integrates a major part of the Windows 11 Settings app, lets you control and enable or disable settings with one click, and makes it possible to remove unwanted features and apps from Windows 11 like camera apps and other pre-installed apps. 

It allows you to create your own custom installation packages and allows you to automate many Windows 11 tasks based on PowerShell. 

In this way it is possible to enhance your privacy by disabling various options related to Windows 11 telemetry.

If you are familiar with the previous apps (Privatezilla, Bloatbox, etc.) for Windows 10, then you will see that ThisIsWin11 app combines the best settings from those that allow you to create custom tweaks, under a GUI, for Windows 11.
Download the ThisIsWin11 app

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