Thursday 18 May 2023

Clip and drawing: Create snapshots from your computer screen


Take a snapshot, to copy words or images from part or all of your computer screen. Use the clipboard tool to make changes or take notes, then save and share.

Quickly annotate screenshots, photos, and other images with your pen, touch, or mouse, and save, paste, or share to other apps. 

To use the snippet tool when you have a mouse and keyboard, press the Windows + Shift + S logo key. The desktop will darken slightly as you select an area for your screenshot. The rectangular function is selected by default.

You can change the shape of the clip by selecting one of the following options in the toolbar, rectangle mode, window mode, full screen mode and free form mode. The screenshot is automatically copied to the clipboard. 

Finally, a notification also appears when you've finished taking a screenshot. In conclusion, this is a surprisingly simple, useful application that you should definitely have on your computer.

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TAGS: Graphics , capture

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