Sunday May 28 2023

Fedora 38 Workstation : Powerful operating system for your PC


Fedora Linux is a Linux distribution developed by the Fedora Project, which is primarily funded by Red Hat (a subsidiary of IBM) with additional support and sponsors from other companies and organizations. 

It contains software distributed under various free and open source licenses and aims to be at the cutting edge of open source technologies. Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, powerful operating system for your laptop or desktop.

It supports a wide range of needs from hobbyists and students to professionals in corporate environments, software development, web development, multimedia, office work and more.

Fedora Workstation 36 is the latest version of the Fedora Linux distribution. It has the latest version of the GNOME desktop environment. Most versions of Fedora Linux use the RPM package management system, using DNF as a tool to manage RPM packages Fedora Linux comes pre-installed with a wide range of software such as LibreOffice and Firefox and a host of other applications.

Additional software is available from the software repositories and can be installed using the package manager. Additionally, additional repositories can be added to the system so that software not available on Fedora Linux can be easily installed.

Fedora requires a minimum of 20GB of disk space, and 2GB of RAM, to install and run successfully. However, it is recommended that you have at least 40 Gb on your hard drive and 4 GB of RAM. 

The installation of the software is as follows, after downloading the ISO of the application, burn it to a DVD or U USB and boot from it. After it loads, tap on the install to disk option. 
Download the Fedora 38 Workstation application
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