Thursday October 27 2022

Linux Lite: The best distribution for those new to Linux


Linux Lite was created to make the transition from Windows to a Linux-based operating system as smooth as possible. It does this by providing easy-to-use familiar software like Skype, Steam, Kodi, and Spotify, a free Office suite, and a familiar user interface or desktop environment. 

Linux Lite follows the Unix philosophy of software selection and programming, as is true in modern times, select and write programs that do one thing and do it well.

It is free to use and share for everyone and suitable for people who are new to Linux but also for people who want a lightweight environment that is also fully functional. With just 2 clicks you can update your system. An update system that will save you hours of Windows updates.

You can set update notifications to appear automatically while keeping your computer up to date and secure. Whether viewing or editing your favorite images, Linux Lite gives you the tools you need to turn your images into something special. 

Browse the web with Firefox, or download and run Chrome, check your email with Thunderbird, and upload to the cloud with Dropbox for easy backups. Combine the popular VLC Media Player which takes care of a huge number of codecs so you don't have to search for them. 

Internal applications like Lite Tweaks and Lite Software will equip you with all the tools you need to maintain and improve your system. No TPM required.
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