Sunday January 8 2023

Model Air Design : The easy way to design model aircraft


Model Air Design is the new, free, fast and easy way to create airplane models. It is a modern software tool for designing aircraft models. Model Air Design is addressed to anyone who has the desire to design and create aircraft models, but has found Computer Aided Design (CAD) software very difficult and time consuming to learn.

You can design 3D models of computers without the complexity of 3D CAD software. It is so easy and intuitive to use that you will not have a hard time learning how to create with it. You will design airplane models in minutes.

With Model Air Design you can create a computer aircraft model from a group of aircraft components. Instead of carefully designing every detail of the aircraft, you simply choose from a selection of pre-designed components. Model Air Design will assemble and design the aircraft from the parts you choose. 

In addition, you will be able to modify and position the aircraft parts as you wish. For example, you can modify a feather in length, width or height and you can place it higher, lower, front or back. Model Air Design makes it possible to visualize the design ideas of your aircraft. Once you see what your plane will look like, you can start drawing plans, cutting wood, shaping foam or using fiberglass to make your model.

Model Air Design does not look like a conventional CAD program. It is essentially a visual design tool. It is not like a CAD program in the sense that it does not provide measurements and does not create line drawings that would help to create airplane model drawings. 

However, the commercial version of this application, when completed, will export a model file that can be used by most CAD programs to produce line drawings and provide accurate measurements to build an aircraft model.

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